Individual Nutrition Therapy Sessions

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Not sure what to expect in a nutrition counseling session with a registered dietitian? Let’s go through what you can expect and how to best prepare. Dietitians are the food and nutrition experts. Registered Dietitians are the only professionals with extensive education and training in nutrition, as well as a regulatory body.

Prepare for your session by completing your intake paperwork online. This gives your registered dietitian an overview of what you’re looking for support with so they can adequately prepare for your session.

Your goal of your initial appointment is getting to know you, figuring out what you need support with and starting to formulate a plan. Generally, the first appointment involves your dietitian asking you questions about yourself, your eating patterns, medications, supplements, lab values (if available), access to food, thoughts and beliefs around food and nutrition and other measure of wellbeing. We may also assess your height, weight, blood pressure and temperature. We may also complete a nutrition focused physical exam to look for any micronutrient or macronutrient deficiencies.

Next, we’ll come up with a plan together to help you navigate whatever nutrition challenges you may be facing. Our approach is person-centered, with an individualized approach for each client based on what they are facing.

Follow up sessions involve checking in on goals set in previous sessions, tackling any nutrition challenges clients are facing and setting further goals to help support you in making changes to better support your health and wellbeing.

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