Nutrition Groups


We’re excited to offer multiple groups to our community.

Create a Meal Group:

In this group, you’ll learn how to read a recipe, get ingredients ready (mise en place), use the required tools and techniques to make the meal, along with eating and processing afterward.

The skills you’ll learn in these groups include food prep, cooking techniques, knife cuts, and kitchen tools. 

In person groups include all needed supplies. Virtual groups will receive a supply list, recipe and grocery list within 24 hours of signing up. Recipes can be scaled for desired number of portions.

Every other Tuesday at 6 pm CT. Cost: $45 (virtual); 75 minutes; for any person needing help learning to cook or prep food. Ages 16+

Nutrition Skills Group

In this group, we’ll focus on mastering nutrition related activities of daily living. Some of the skills covered in these groups include menu planning, food budgeting, the process of grocery shopping, reading a recipe, and common challenges in cooking.

Every other Tuesday at 6 pm CT. Cost: $45; 60 minutes; for any person needing to learn needed nutrition skills for life. Ages 16+

Teen Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group:

In this group, teens have the opportunity to connect with others in recovery. Topics include navigating body image challenges, nutrition education, and overcoming struggles in recovery. Ages 13-18. Cost: $15, 45 minutes.

Every other Monday at 6:30 pm CT

Policies for Groups:
Groups are subject to cancellation if low participation rates occur.

If you need to cancel, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. Late cancellations will be charged the full cost of the group. Groups with low participation may be canceled. 

Your card on file will be charged for the group the day before the group and will be refunded if insurance pays for your group. We will attempt to bill insurance and refund you if covered. 

In person groups coming in 2023.

Ready to join a group? Email us at or call us at 256-224-1665 to get added to our groups!

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