Cooking Skills

Many of us weren’t raised in a safe or enjoyable food environment. For many people, this leads to a lack of confidence in the kitchen and feeling overwhelmed when it comes to cooking. We want to help you navigate that.

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These supplemental services allow for further support that is often lacking in outpatient care. These skills are offered to anyone seeking support. You don’t have to be an existing client.

These are great skills for kids heading off to college, adults who never learned cooking skills, those looking to fine tune their kitchen skills and those in recovery from an eating disorder. With Jenn Batchelor, you’ve got a cooking expert and registered dietitian at your disposal, so your imagination is the limit. Some skills Jenn can help with include understanding food preparation, knife skills, kitchen tools, cooking a recipe, creating a meal or working on cooking techniques. 

You can do as many of these sessions as you’d like, so you can get as much experience and support as you’d like.

What to Expect: First, you’ll have a 30 minute consult session to discuss goals and assess skill level and kitchen tools. Then, Jenn will schedule you for a 1 hour session to work on whatever skill you’ve picked to focus on during that session.

Where: Virtually, anywhere in the country, from your kitchen. Don’t worry, Jenn has extensive experience in doing these virtually.

Investment: These sessions are $70 for the initial half hour $175 for an hour session, as Jenn will prep certain materials prior to the session and cook along with you.

How to Sign up:

Let us know you’re interested using this form and we’ll reach out to you to get you scheduled! You can also email us at or call us at 256-224.1665.

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