Size Inclusive Office Tour

We wanted to give you a tour of our new office and highlight the ways it is size inclusive–both so you feel comfortable in coming into the space and to share resources for others who may be trying to put together an office space with furniture suitable for all body sizes.

Let’s start in the waiting room–one of our favorite rooms!

When designing the waiting room, we wanted something inviting, cozy and peaceful. The greenery wall from Shop Wild Things was something that felt like a fun way to add some interest to an otherwise boring space. We also got a neon sign from HDJ Sign to help make the space more fun. We didn’t want an uncomfortable, uptight clinical feeling space.

One of the most important things throughout the whole office was finding furniture people weren’t afraid to sit in. It took Chelsea probably 100 hours of searching to find quality pieces with good reviews that looked comfortable and had a weigh capacity that would allow our clients to feel comfortable and safe. How are we supposed to help people heal when they’re terrified getting comfortable on our furniture? Additionally, if we are going to call ourselves a Health at Every Size aligned office, it would be strange to have furniture that couldn’t support bodies of all sizes.

For seating, we found the Rosevale Couch in Rust, which has a seating capacity of 1000 lbs, and two Mistana Boevange-sur-Attert Armchairs in Dark Blue Velvet, which have a seating capacity of 500 lbs each. The other chairs in our office are not quite as inclusive, as it was hard to find chairs that were low enough profile for the number of seats we need, but have a 300 lb weight capacity. The Andeworld Slipper Chair is in just about every room of our space.

Andrea’s office has the most beautiful dusty rose velvet sofa (Modway Revive Sofa, with a weight capacity of 1323 lbs). We’re all obsessed with her couch and love how her office turned out!

Kayla’s office is another fun one! It has a green velvet sofa (Modway Concur Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Velvet Sofa In Green, weight capacity of 1323 lbs), as well as a leather chair from World Market that we all love!

The rest of the providers’ offices, as well as our group room, have the Modway Revive Sofa (weight capacity of 1323 lbs), which is an awesome budget friendly size inclusive sofa.

In our group room, we have the Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 880 lb. Capacity Black Full Back Contoured Stack Chair for our table, as well as the Transformer Table and bench in Australian Acacia for our meal groups.

Our anthropometrics room is where we may check your blood pressure, height and weight. We also have an infant scale and infantometer to measure their length. It’s a calming room where we hope people feel safe and not judged.

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